KD 860 sailing in New Zealand


Here I am, sailing my DUO 425 cat (1984)


This blog will inform you about my design activities and sometimes and sometimes of my other interests.


Mainly I will use this blog to inform you about my multi hull designs and the persons who are building them.


I design multi hulls since 1980 for the DIY enthusiasts. My boats are built and sailed in almost every country of the world. From Alaska over Botswana to Tahiti.


I was in the Netherlands the first boat designer/builder who used the (ply) wood/glass/Epoxy composite system. This system is the most coste efficient system to build a light boat.


Paramount for a fast catamaran or trimaran. The system is easy to use. Normal tools which are probaly already in your work shop will do. Never build a boat, so what? For most of my customers it was there first boat the built.


My standard designs go from 4,00 to 18 m. I have my own construction system, when properly adapted will ensure that you have at the end, and in the shortest time possible, a seaworthy boat. Yes, even my smallest catamaran has proven to be seaworthy.


The K-designs forum is a restricted forum for plans and study plans owners with more as 1100 members. Here you find the whole range of cats built or are under construction. The members share there experiences and help each other through an active communication.


I sell my plans the world over, I do not know how many anymore I have sold. I lost count as we where lifing on and sailing with our catamaran Pelican for 11 years.


The newer plans are CAD designs in the DXF format, the older plans are sold as PDF files. So go to my web pages for more information, prizes and order one for your self. 

ZEEMAN on tour around the world


Pelican, Spain


ECO 75, Tahiti


P95 in the Netherlands


SC 435, Iceland


New under development the Cataproa

Here the next boat. No catamaran no proa. A CATAPROA ? Only 4m long. Weight under 70 kg!

Demontable for roof rack transport. 

How to build a "Little Tri"

How to start building a boat. For a newcomer it can be bewildering. Here a lot of material, there a lot of drawings. This video shows how to build a boat in a sort of time lapse sequence.

Little Tri sailing

This video shows a "Little Tri" under sail. This time one with a modern Junk rig.



The story of the CATAPORA continues. Here a definitive side view boat.
The first boat is under construction in Husum. Husum? is a tiny island at the frisian part of Germany.